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Beautytek treatment can be applied to any part of the body for many kinds of aesthetic problems.

The most popular applications are listed below:

  • Abdomen fat reduction
  • Abdomen skin firming
  • Arm firming
  • Arm reduction
  • Bottom and hip fat reduction
  • Breast firming and lifting
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Leg fat reduction
  • Leg skin firming

Beautytek can also be used to treat scars, stretch marks, acne, water retention and swelling. These treatments are specially designed for each client

Beautytek is an exceptional treatment when applied to excess fatty deposits around the body. It is particularly effective in treating excess fat around the abdomen and hip areas, and shows good results on leg and arm fat as well. The fatty deposits are broken down and the energy from the cells is made available to the body. The skin and underlying tissue is also firmed, improving the overall shape.

The science behind Beautytek …

A very low frequency electrical impulse is passed into the body. This is between 60–600 micro amps, roughly the same frequency as your heartbeat and much lower than other conventional “micro-current” machines that function primarily as muscle stimulators. Information about the balance and composition of the client’s cell structure is returned to the beautytek software, which readjusts the impulse accordingly. There is a continuous circuit of treatment and measurement (the bio-cybernetic circuit), which constantly updates and modulates the energy delivered to the client. Beautytek’s unique bio-cybernetic control measures the skin resistance, internal and external cell resistance, the depth of the tissue, the cell wall thickness and the polarity (electrical charge) of the cells. Beautytek’s artificial intelligence (algorithms) uses these comprehensive measurements to calibrate the voltage, frequency, and intensity of the therapeutic current.

Specially formulated electrolyte treatment gels are applied to the skin and nutrients are absorbed into the body during treatment (this is iontophoresis). The beautytek treatment system gives the body precisely what it needs to rebalance any excess positive ions and stimulate collagen production and cell repair. Beautytek stimulates the mitochondria, which are the central powerhouses of the cells. Mitochondria extract the energy from glucose to produce ATP, a chemical which is used in protein synthesis (for cell repair) and for energy storage. In simple terms, beautytek provides stimulation so that the body produces increased energy to repair cells, produce collagen, and perform its metabolic processes. Truly, beautytek is a holistic, total well-being therapy. Beautytek’s software is pre-programmed with complete physiological algorithms for each muscle and tissue group in the areas being treated, allowing beautytek to determine the appropriate voltage, frequency, and intensity of the therapeutic current. When combined with Beautytek’s application techniques the results are remarkable.

Beautytek therapy is designed to rebalance the body, resulting in a better aesthetic appearance. During a treatment, various things happen. Rebalancing the ion grid—the body is made up of billions of electrically charged subatomic particles called ions, which are used in the electrical reactions that happen within the body. When these ions are incorrectly charged, the electrical reactions lose efficiency with potentially damaging effects on the aesthetics of the body. Enhancing blood flow—the blood transports essential nutrients and oxygen through the body. An improvement in blood flow enables essential nutrients to be transported where they are needed, and to provide more oxygen to the mitochondria, improving energy production.

Enhancing metabolism—the rate at which the body uses energy is called the metabolic rate. When increased, the metabolic rate consumes more calories for energy and burns more fat. Stimulating the lymphatic system—the lymphatic system is the body’s water and waste transport system, closely linked with the circulatory system. Over time, this system can become blocked and sluggish.

Beautytek stimulates the lymphatic system, clearing lymphatic blockages and disposing of waste (toxins) more quickly. Dehydrating and decomposing fatty tissue—excess water stored in the fat cells plumps them out and makes them appear bigger than they are. Beautytek removes this water from the fat cells and breaks down fatty clusters into fatty acids, which the body can then use for energy. An overall improvement in health is to be expected as beautytek helps to remove excess water, fat, and waste products from the system.

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