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How To Use A Surgical Drain After Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

Sometimes your procedure may require a drain, usually with capsulectomy and tummy tucks. The drain was placed to remove fluid from your body until your body can make new connections. The drain can come from either at the end of the incision or from under the breast area. 

To be able to use the drain appropriately, there is a tube that is coming out from the body, the pour spout, and the plug attached. The bulb itself is used to pull and create suction from the body. It will need to be compressed (squeezed). Once compressed, place the plug into the pour spout. By doing this, it will create the suction to pull the fluid out of the pocket, out of the body, and into the bulb. 

Once your body slows down because it’s making its new connections, the amount of fluid collected will slow down, daily. Once you have reached less than 25 CC’s in 24 hours, then we know it is safe to remove the drain. 
At Gemini Plastic Surgery we provide our patients with a lanyard so you can hook your drain and be able to shower and do other hands-free tasks without the drain being in the way. Dr. Della Bennett, MD approves of her patients taking showers in the early post-op period. 

When taking care of your drain, it is important to strip the tube periodically. You may notice blood clots and/or pale pink clots that form in the tube. These are clotting factors that we would like to remove from the tube. 

Please review the video provided by Della Bennett, MD of Gemini Plastic Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, California. She helps patients with a full instructional video on how to drain you manage, maintain, and clean your drains. 

If any questions or concerns whether it is for breast implant augmentation, breast repair, breast lift, or a breast replacement. Feel free to call for an in-person or virtual video consultation at 909-463-0715.

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