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Elevate the Breasts

Breast Lift


Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery also known as a mastopexy procedure, refines the breasts to raise and reshape sagging and droopiness. Breast lifts are becoming more common among women who are comfortable with their size, but unhappy with their lack of perkiness. Dr. Bennett has a variety of techniques for women interested in a breast lift. Some women desire improvement in the appearance of their nipple areola and this can be performed at the time of the lift by reducing the size of the areola. Breast lift surgery can treat the following physical findings:

  • Genetically misshapen, tubular or oblong breasts
  • Post pregnancy, aged, or naturally droopy breasts
  • Loss of breast volume from weight loss

The length of the breast lift incision depends on the proportion of excess skin to breast volume. The more lifting the breast tissue and nipple require, the longer the lift incision required. From least aggressive to most aggressive lift is the pericentric (around the nipple), lollipop (around the nipple and a vertical component), and anchor technique (around the nipple, and a vertical and horizontal incision).

The decision for the appropriate lift depends on a variety of factors including breast shape, extent of sagging skin, breast tissue versus glandular fat, presence of stretch marks, and the elasticity of the skin. Skin with stretch marks will not support the breast lift as well. During your consultation Dr. Bennett will perform a breast exam, evaluate your skin and breast tissue, take your measurements and discuss your best surgical options.

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