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Gemini Plastic Surgery

Meet Dr. Bennett


About Della Bennett, MD

Dr. Della Bennett is a board-certified plastic surgeon
serving the Inland Empire since 2006.

Meet Rancho Cucamonga’s
Best Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery is an opportunity to give a desired area of your body a new and improved look. Dr. Della Bennett specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery with a focus on breast surgery, body contouring, and facial rejuvenation. She is known for her sensitivity to patient needs and fully educates each patient on the aesthetic options before selecting an ideal individualized plan. She wants to make sure you look and feel the best “you” possible.


She performs minimally invasive surgical techniques with small incisions, less visible scarring, and rapid recovery. Dr. Della Bennett’s warm, compassionate, and approachable nature puts her patients at ease. Her goal is to fully educate patients in their aesthetic options, including minimally invasive procedures, and provide the highest level of care and patient safety.


Open communication is critical for a successful doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Della Bennett wants to understand your desires, hopes and fears regarding surgery. Therefore an extended initial consultation is held to review the patient medical history, explore your desires, and build a trusting relationship. Her goal is to fully educate you about the available alternatives and assist in choosing the most appropriate treatment.


She performs her procedures in state of the art, AAAHC accredited surgical facilities. These locations include Precision Surgery Center, Riverside Community Hospital, and Redlands Community Hospital.

Dr. Della Bennet, MD working in office at Gemini Plastic Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga, California


Gemini Plastic Surgery Associates includes Dr. Della Bennett and her identical twin, Dr. Laura Bennett. They are the first pair of twins to be board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Laura Bennett’s surgical practice is in Abilene, Texas. They have both been member surgeons of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons since 2009.

Dr Della Dennett and Twin Sister- Top Plastic Surgeons - Inland Empire- Rancho Cucamonga


Dr. Della Bennett’s practice is centered in the Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga and Inland Empire. Call or contact us today to see how she can provide you with your personalized plan and experience.



    Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Chief of Plastic Surgery

    Dr. Bennett is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She also serves as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and a Professor at Various Universities.