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Botox Cosmetic Injections available at Gemini Plastic Surgery · Rancho Cucamonga · Inland Empire
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Most brow furrow lines are formed by excessive contraction of two major muscles in the forehead. People are often perceived as angry, stressed or worried due to the unwanted lines between the brows. Everyone gets dynamic wrinkles. Commonly referred to as laugh lines, crow’s feet and frown or worry lines, dynamic wrinkles are caused by years of facial expressions and the natural aging process. Botox works by relaxing the forehead muscles blocking the nerve impulses that trigger wrinkles, causing muscle contractions, which results in a smooth and improved appearance of the brow. Administered via a few tiny injections of purified protein this minimally invasive treatment is quick and delivers dramatic results with minimal discomfort.

Botox Cosmetic · Rancho Cucamonga - Available at Gemini Plastic Surgery.

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