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Facelift, facial rejuvenation · Rancho Cucamonga

Facelift · Facial Rejuvenation · Rancho Cucamonga

Signs of aging on your face can have a big impact on your overall self-confidence because of how prominent they can be. Sagging skin, wrinkles and a general tired expression are all symptoms of the aging process. Fortunately, there is the facelift. This procedure is excellent for rejuvenating your appearance and reducing the signs of aging.

The facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that treats aging of the face. Generally, the technique used involves making incisions along the hairline, near the temples. The incisions allow for excess skin to be removed and underlying muscles to be lifted. This procedure can also be combined with dermal fillers and skin-resurfacing treatments to create more natural, comprehensive rejuvenation.

Consult with Dr. Della Bennett to learn more about the results you can achieve with a facelift.

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