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Facelifts – Facial Rejuvenation Rancho Cucamonga

Facelifts · Facial Rejuvenation · Rancho Cucamonga

A person’s face plays a big part in their overall appearance, and so having confidence in one’s looks can have a major effect on their self-confidence. Aging of the face can undermine your self-confidence, but with facelifts, there is a solution.

Facelifts are classic cosmetic procedures that have helped many patients achieve their aesthetic goals by turning back the clock on facial aging. The procedure aims to treat issues like sagging skin that cause jowls or the appearance of a double chin. The technique involves making an incision near the temples, close to the hairline, in order to remove excess skin.

Speak with Dr. Della Bennett to learn more about the results facelifts can achieve.

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