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Brow Lifts cosmetic procedure · Rancho Cucamonga

Brow Lifts · Rancho Cucamonga · Cosmetic Procedures

A lot of emotions and expressiveness rests with our eyebrows. The aging process can be problematic, causing them to sag and leave you looking constantly older or tired. Fortunately, with brow lifts, you can reduce the signs of aging.

Brow lifts are ideal cosmetic procedures for those who have sagging skin that has caused their eyebrows to droop forward. Drooping eyebrows can hood over the eyes and even impair vision.

The procedure is performed by making an incision along the hairline, above the forehead. The size of the incision varies depending on the patient’s goals and anatomy.

Speak with Dr. Della Bennett to learn more about the results that brow lifts can achieve.

Contact us at our office in Rancho Cucamonga to schedule a consultation.

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