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breastlifts cosmetic procedure · rancho cucamonga

Breast Lifts · Cosmetic Procedures · Rancho Cucamonga

Due to a variety of factors such as aging and pregnancy, the breasts can sag. Sagging breasts have an impact on a woman’s overall appearance and can undermine her self-confidence. If your breasts are sagging, tubular or drooping, breasts lifts can help.

Breast lifts are cosmetic procedures that reshape the size and profile of breasts that have undergone excessive sagging. Sagging of the breasts, also known as breast ptosis, can be caused by weight loss, the aging process or pregnancy.

The breast lift procedure involves incisions to remove excess tissue, which allows for the breasts to be raised to a more youthful position.

Speak with Dr. Della Bennett to learn more about breast lifts.

Contact us at our office in Rancho Cucamonga to schedule a consultation.

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