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No more tweezing thanks to laser hair removal

No More Tweezing Thanks to Motif Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal can often be a painful process that will typically involve tweezing, shaving, or waxing, and these forms of hair removal often take a fair amount of time and cause significant discomfort. However, with Motif laser hair removal, you can now get rid of excess body hair in a much more efficient, comfortable, long-lasting, and sophisticated way.

What Is Motif?

Motif is patented hair-removal technology that employs a combination of radio frequency waves and light energy to thermally eliminate hair follicles in your body. The technology utilizes laser diodes and is designed to be highly safe and effective. The technology can be used on a wide variety of hair and skin types with incredible results. The high frequency and low energy delivery output results in nearly pain-free treatments with very short treatment times.

The Motif diodes use a combination of low and high frequencies based on the needs of the patient. The Motif system is far more efficient than electrolysis hair removal and the IPL laser system. The technology also features patented elōs combined-energy technology of bipolar radio frequency and diode laser energies. This is the only technology that uses combined energies to effectively eliminate hair.

The technology uses patented active dermal monitoring to track skin impedance changes to ensure the safest treatment possible. It also uses an intelligent feedback system (IFS) to guarantee accurate delivery of radio frequency energy irrespective of fluctuations in skin impedance. elōs Motif uses an intuitive user interface that features an adjustable treatment screen.

How Does elōs Motif Hair Removal Work?

The laser diodes are used to target and eliminate hair follicles using the proprietary technology. This technology improves the laser’s ability to pinpoint and eliminate hair follicles. The procedure will involve the use of three applicators that are simultaneously connected. Thanks to the Motif cooling sapphire tip, most patients report the treatment to be virtually pain free. This tip is cooled to around 5 degree Celsius to guard the skin during the procedure.

Most patients will need multiple sessions to achieve their ideal results, and some patients may see visible results after one session. Your doctor will advise you on the number of sessions you will require. You will typically be informed about how many sessions you will require before coming in for the first session. Your doctor will also provide you with a list of preparation requirements that you’ll have to follow for as the doctor deems necessary.

What Can You Expect from the Treatment?

Hair growth will be substantially reduced after each treatment session, and within two or three sessions, you will be able to see noticeable results. The visibility of results is determined by your skin tone, your hair color, your hair type, and the location of the treatment site. elōs is especially adept at removing dark hair on all types of skin tones, and individuals who have light-colored hair may require more treatments on average.

A Motif Appointment

Dr. Della Bennett, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, is your ideal choice for Motif hair removal. Say goodbye to tweezing and hello to effective hair removal – contact our office for a consultation.

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