Excess Drooping Abdominal Skin May Require An Extended Tummy Tuck
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Drooping abdominal skin may require a tummy tuck

Excess Drooping Abdominal Skin May Require an Extended Tummy Tuck

All women deserve to love their bodies. Not being comfortable in your own skin causes self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, and even problems in your love life. The abdomen is perhaps one of the hardest body parts to train. We easily gain weight in that area, but to lose it is close to impossible.

That’s where plastic surgery can help. A tummy tuck is one of the most popular plastic surgeries out there. There are different kinds of tummy tucks that you can choose from, depending on your particular situation. You should talk to your plastic surgeon to decide which surgical option is the best one for you. One tummy tuck option is the extended tummy tuck.

What Is an Extended Tummy Tuck?

An extended tummy tuck is helpful for people who are dealing with excess skin hanging from the abdominal area to the flanks and have lax abdominal muscles. It is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia and takes about two to three hours to complete.

The surgery is quite intensive. It is performed by removing the excess flank and abdominal skin and tightening the underlying abdominal muscles. All this is done through an incision running along the abdomen, pubic area, and lower flanks. The incisions are closed using sutures.

Extended Tummy Tuck Recovery and Healing

After the extended tummy tuck is complete, the patient will need to heal. Drain tubes will be placed in the surgical region in order to carry out excess fluids, and these will be removed in around five to ten days. They will also be required to walk in a certain manner – with their abdomen gently flexed at the waist – for five days post-op.

In as little as two to three weeks, the patient can return to their daily activities. It is best to avoid strenuous exercises for the next four to six weeks after the surgery. Taking time off of work will be necessary.

There will be visible bruising after the procedure. The bruising will recede within one to two weeks. There will also be swelling after the surgery, which will recede within four weeks.

Speaking with Your Surgeon

It’s important to discuss any concerns you may have during a consultation with your surgeon. Disclosing all of your medical history will be vital, as will discussing your aesthetic goals. Your surgeon will then tell you all the details about the surgery, explain to you all the side-effects and possible risks involved, and ask you about your expectations from this surgery. It’s important to have an open mind and keep your expectations realistic.

The extended tummy tuck should be a treated as a way to sculpt the body rather than a way to lose weight. It is designed for people who are struggling with excess sagging skin and muscle tissue, not for those who have a large amount of excess body fat.

If you would like to find out more about your tummy tuck options, contact our office and schedule an informative consultation. Dr. Della Bennett, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, will be available to answer your questions.

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