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With Latisse, Longer Lashes Can Be Yours

With Latisse, Longer Lashes Can Be Yours

When it comes to the popular fashion trends surrounding eyelashes, all of them invariably call for long and thick lashes. However, different people are born with varying lash lengths, thicknesses, and shapes.

Some people try out false attachments and length-enhancing mascaras that give the illusion of long lashes. But why settle for an illusion when you could have real long, dark, and thick eyelashes with the help of Latisse?

This is one of the few hair-growth and revitalization techniques that have shown repeated success during clinical trials. Doctors and dermatologists often recommend it as a supplement for better lashes.

Latisse is a hair-growth serum for eyelashes and is only available on a prescription basis. Proper intake as prescribed can result in longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes.

How Does It Work?

The most active component of Latisse is bimatoprost, which is present at a concentration of 0.03%. Originally used in the treatment of narrow-angle glaucoma, the compound works as an alternative to prostaglandin. It is used to treat hypotrichosis, a condition in which eyelashes are short, pale, brittle, or missing altogether.

An increase in lash length, diameter, density, and color depth have been repeatedly observed with the use of Latisse. Several successful medical trials led the FDA to approve the treatment in 2008 as a cosmetic treatment.


The serum is typically applied to the upper eyelid with a sterile applicator. The substance gets evenly distributed between the upper and lower eyelids as the patient blinks. As per the strict guidelines of the manufacturer, Latisse should never be directly applied to the lower eyelid.

One should ensure that their face is completely clean and that contact lenses have been removed before applying the serum.

The applicators are to be discarded after a single use, and a fresh one should be used each time. Recycling applicators can lead to serious infection and soreness in and around the eyes.

Since Latisse is a potent compound, the serum must be applied carefully and on the specified location, as it can create unwanted hair growth in other areas it comes in contact with.

The initial results appear within two months, and complete growth occurs within a span of 16 weeks. Discontinuation of use will cause the eyelashes to revert back to their original state over time.

Some of the most notable changes observed after 16 weeks are mentioned below:
• Increase in eyelash length by 25%
• Enhancement in thickness and density by 106%
• Darkness and color improvement by 18%

What to Remember

While Latisse is completely safe and FDA approved, it is always advisable to take it in the doses prescribed by your doctor. There might be certain unique allergies that can alter the effects of its use.

Additionally, Latisse should not be used if one is suffering from an infection such as conjunctivitis. Pregnant women and women nursing small babies should not use Latisse.

Before asking for a prescription, one should make Dr. Bennett aware of any medications they are taking in order to avoid any conflicts or unforeseen effects.

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