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Dysport Treatments Take Care Of Fine Wrinkles and Age Lines

Dysport Treatments Take Care Of Fine Wrinkles and Age Lines

Age lines on the face are inevitable after a certain age. Fine lines often first develop on the forehead and the areas around the eyes. These wrinkles can also appear in younger people due to stress. It is now easy to remove these wrinkles and age lines using Dysport treatments.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a form of botulinum toxin that is safe for use in smoothing away wrinkles. It received FDA approval in 2009 for treating frown lines. There are other products on the market that are made with botulinum toxin compounds and used for treating wrinkles, but Dysport has a different composition, which affects the dosing of the product.

Dysport eliminates the appearance of wrinkles without affecting the natural look of your face. Even though the treatment relaxes muscles through a paralyzing effect, your face won’t take on a frozen look.

How Does Dysport Work?

When the same expressions are formed over a period of time, such as frowning, the repeated muscle movements can make it harder and harder for the muscles to return to their previous positions. Instead, they stay in a contracted state, causing the overlying skin to bunch up and form wrinkles.

When injected into the skin, Dysport can block nerve impulses in the treatment site and prevent these repeated muscle movements. Without these muscle movements, wrinkles cannot develop. When Dysport inhibits muscle movements in the treatment site, you can continue to have the same expression but without the appearance of fine lines.


You will need to avoid certain medicines such as pain reducers and vitamin supplements before the Dysport treatment is administered. This is a precautionary measure to minimize bruising due to injections. If you are pregnant or nursing, you might need to wait before you can get Dysport treatment.

During Dysport treatment, the product is administered through injections directly into the skin. The manner in which Dysport is injected into the skin is crucial for the efficacy of the treatment and your skin’s safety. One dose can be administered into multiple areas. You will need to repeat treatment after every few months.

After Treatment

The results from Dysport treatment can appear within a day or two. Some other products containing the similar compounds can take a few days longer to work. The quick results are due to the small molecule size of Dysport compared to that of other products. Due to its composition, Dysport also spreads better in large treatment sites such as the forehead.

You may have a bit of swelling or redness in the treatment area, but these signs subside within a day or two. The results from Dysport treatment can last for three to four months depending on your skin’s condition.

Schedule Your Dysport Consultation

If you are bothered by age lines, consult with Dr. Della Bennett, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, about getting a Dysport treatment. It is very important that only an experienced doctor handle dosing for Dysport, as the injection of botulinum toxin has to be very precise.

During a consultation, Dr. Bennett will examine your skin and recommend a course of treatment best suited for your requirements. To schedule your Dysport consultation, contact our office today and set up an appointment.

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