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Comparing Breast Implants to Decide Which Is Best for You

Comparing Breast Implants to Decide Which Is Best for You

Since time immemorial, the feminine form has been honored in art as one of nature’s most beautiful creations. The beauty and grace of the feminine structure often owes much to the proportions of the breasts.

Most women are not happy with how their breasts look. Fortunately, modern surgical procedures have been able to provide women with the structure of the breasts they desire. A breast augmentation with implants is a procedure used to augment the size and projection of the breasts.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are a form of prosthesis used to add volume and fullness to the breasts. The implants that you choose have a major impact on the results you end up with.

During a consultation with Dr. Bennett, you will be able to discuss your breast-implant options and ask questions about the process. Through this, the two of you will decide which option is best for you.

Before your consultation, it will be helpful to know as much as possible about the types of breast implants that we offer so that you can make an informed decision.

Types of Breast Implants

There are various types of breast implants, each with their unique advantages. Here is a list of the types of breast implants that we offer:

• Saline Breast Implants – One of the most common forms of breast implants, saline breast implants are silicone shells filled with sterile saline water. One of the key benefits of saline implants is that if the implants leak, the salt water is safely and naturally absorbed by the body. These implants have been approved by the FDA and are suitable for anyone over the age of 18.

• Silicone Breast Implants – Silicone breast implants are silicone shells filled with silicone gel. These implants feel natural, since the viscosity and structure of the silicone gel is similar to natural breast tissue. The silicone implant has a lower probability of leaking than saline implants, although there have been instances of leakage. The use of silicone implants for breast augmentation has been approved by the FDA for women over the age of 22.

• Gummy Bear Breast Implants – Gummy bear breast implants are form-stable implants. This means that instead of leaking, they maintain their shape even if their shell is broken. These implants have a thicker silicone gel than regular silicone breast implants, providing a firmer shape to the breast. Gummy bear breast implants have greater projection towards the bottom and are tapered towards the top, creating a more natural shape.

Which Implant Type Is Best for Me?

The best way to decide on the right type of breast implant for you is by discussing your options with a skilled medical professional. For accurate analysis of your augmentation requirements, it is always necessary to check whether you have any kind of allergies to anything involved in the surgical procedure, including the implant material.

With the help of Dr. Della Bennett, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, you can enhance the look of your breasts. Set up your consultation – contact our office today!

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